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Latest News:

  • The Soul Smith got funded 2/13/2015!
  • Kickstarter campaign launched 1/14/2015!
  • Found an editor for The Soul Smith 1/2/2015!
  • Performing line editing to The Soul Smith 9/27/2014!
  • Decided to self-publish The Soul Smith 8/12/2014!
  • Marketing Plan is complete 5/6/2014!
  • Building a marketing plan for The Blacksmiths series 4/25/2014!
  • The Ravenous Flock was #21 in Science Fiction and Fantasy on Amazon 4/4/2014!
  • Drafted an outline for a Science Fiction novel that I’m saving for much later 2/17/2014!
  • Started a Twitter Ad campaign 2/15/2014!
  • /r/Fantasy Writer of the Day on Reddit! 12/4/2013!
  • The Ravenous Flock is in the Top 10 Fantasy books on Amazon 10/28/2013!
  • Announcement! Adrian V. Diglio is in the process of outlining The Apotheosis Saga, a series of shorts/novellas that detail the events of The Blacksmiths coming to power 9/19/2013!
  • Part 2 of The Ravenous Flock was published 8/1/2013!
  • Joined A Cast to Forget weekly webcast group as a regular cast member 7/9/2013!
  • Completed the Synopsis of The Soul Smith 5/31/2013!
  • Completed Chapter 5 of The Chromium Smith 5/10/2013!
  • Part 1 of The Ravenous Flock was published 3/1/2013!
  • My short story, The Ravenous Flock, was accepted for publication at Myths Inscribed ezine 2/16/2013!
  • Status Update: Back to writing book 2: The Chromium Smith 1/29/2013!
  • My second daughter, Sophia, was born 11/17/2012!
  • Joined NaNoWriMo 11/1/2012!
  • Launched YouTube channel & added Media section to website 10/21/2012!
  • Received great recommendation on manuscript 9/14/2012!
  • Began outlining book 2: The Chromium Smith 7/29/2012!
  • Finished first draft of my short story The Ravenous Flock 7/8/2012!
  • Website launched on 4/29/2012!
  • Cover Art revealed on 3/28/2012!
  • THE SOUL SMITH first draft completed on 12/28/2011!