Welcome to the realm of Thornwall! Here you will find my rantings about the publishing industry as I begin my journey into it.

I should say that I started down this road with writing a novel first, which began in April 2011. I did no research on the matter; I was in “go” mode. I will say that my saving grace was being open to criticism from all my peers. I finished my rough draft in December 2011. After that I have begun my edits and revisions which has taken me surprisingly longer than expected as time has not made itself available to me since I began my first semester at SDSU for my MBA.

When I was drafting my final chapter, I contacted Natalie to do my book jacket design. I provided her upfront guidelines on the drawing, and what I thought was a detailed description of what she needed to draw. Lesson learned: Providing ample amounts of detail is always better than less. Over the months, she provided me with updated pictures, and I was welcomed to provide feedback over the course of the project… and the results speak for themselves. She brought my character to life.

Once the novel was complete, I joined a writing organization International Association of Aspiring Authors in hopes to further connect myself with the community, and gain valuable resources.

I read “How to Write a Great Query Letter” by Noah Lukeman in preparation for drafting query letters to send to literary agents. (I’ll post my query letter later).

Once the edits and revisions of my manuscript were complete, I drafted my first Query Letter and sent it to Query Shark for professional critique, however she informed me that she had 437 unposted queries, so the chances of mine going through the grinder are slim.

I was hoping to have my query letter professionally reviewed before I submit to Pitch-A-Palooza, but I may just have to submit early. That is everything that lead up to this moment, where I launched my website.

So, stay tuned and follow my blog!

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