Now that the World Literary Cafe’s Pitch-A-Palooza contest officially closed last night, I can safely reveal the query letter that I submitted. 200 words was very limiting, but it forced me to be succinct, which was a good thing. Let’s see what happens on May 22 when they announce the winner! My entry is below:

Dear Mrs. Eckstut & Mr. Sterry,

When the world of Thornwall was left abandoned by the true gods, eight human Black Smiths succeeded their rule, altering the elements, the land, and its inhabitants with their godly forging hammers. Such is the setting for THE SOUL SMITH, my 100,000 word completed epic fantasy novel.

Stylistically similar to ERAGON and targeted toward young adults, THE SOUL SMITH redefines the genre, permeating every reverie of your mind with superlative fantasy that challenges the imagination. Filled with high impact action and fantastical unique races of creatures, it’s a page-turning tale of survival, honor, companionship, and sacrifice. As a handful of adolescent elkin, a savage race of men endowed with antlers, attempt to seek vengeance for the massacre of their elders, the traitor plots to make an old war anew, and overthrow the Soul Smith himself. 

While THE SOUL SMITH stands alone as a novel, I have outlines designed for a potential octalogy, with each installment aptly named after each Black Smith. I’d be happy to provide a partial or complete manuscript for further review.

As a member of International Association of Aspiring Authors, thank you in advance for your consideration.


Adrian Diglio

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