Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Overview: The book depicted on the left is really 3 books in a single volume, containing Bodyguard of Lightning, Legion of Thunder, and Warriors of the Tempest. ORCS is an adult fantasy novel written by Stan Nicholls.

Plot: An orc named Stryke leads a band of orcs known as the Wolverines. He has been commanded by a sorceress named Jennesta to return a cylinder to her. What should have been an easy task for a unit of their skill, quickly spirals out of control.

Review: This book is supposed to revolutionary by telling a story from the point of view of the orcs, adding culture and character to an otherwise mindless tyrannical evil race that, in other books, would destroy things just for the sake of destruction. But not in ORCS, no. The Wolverines were far too civilized and human-like for my taste. They cared for one another (and others), and they often voted on making a decision. I expected in-fighting and animosity, but that only occured between Jup (a dwarf) and Haskeer. . . that’s right, they have a dwarf in their unit and he’s the 3rd highest ranking person!

This book is like a classic action movie. Big on the combat scenes (which I enjoyed), but weak on the plot. The plot spun out of control pretty rapidly. Once the cylinder was stolen from the orcs, the plot became: Let’s go get it back, let’s keep it for ourselves even though we don’t know what it is, let’s conveniently learn about it from an old gremlin guy, let’s go searching for more of these and become renegades. Meanwhile, Jennesta sits back in her castle and sends unit after unit after unit of people to go hunt down the Wolverines. I felt like the author’s story wasn’t planned. The characters continually debated what they should be doing, and most of the time it was hard to agree with their logic (meaning, I found lots of holes in this story).

While the action scenes were memorable, and even though it ended on a major cliffhanger, I was not impressed enough to read the rest of the volume… not when I have other books to choose from, at least.

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