A good friend of mine introduced me to a website called http://www.jukepopserials.com, a place that brings writers and readers together to enjoy the once popular publishing format of the serial novel. Made famous in 1836 by Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, a serial novel is (generally speaking) the controlled release of a chapter/installment at a time to the public. This is predominately performed during the composition phase where the writer finishes a chapter and publishes it, finishes another chapter and publishes it, as opposed to completing an entire novel and releasing it a chapter at a time. Often times, the readers provide feedback to the author. Charles Dickens was known to factor in that feedback when writing his subsequent installments.

JukePop Serials is bringing it back. They curate stories from around the world, one chapter at a time. They are available on the web, and on Android and Apple mobile devices. The readers get to vote on their favorite serials, and the top serials with the most votes get awarded money from the website on a monthly basis, and voting is what keeps the serials alive.

But before an author’s or writer’s first serial installment can be published on their site, it must first be approved in a very similar manner that you would submit to a magazine. Per their submissions page, they are currently accepting these genres: Adventure, American Gothic, Chick Lit, Crime, Cross-Genre, Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror, Modern Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Sci Fi, Sci Fi Western, Slipstream, Steampunk, Superhero, Thriller, and Young Adult (plus any new genre that you may have invented). If your serial start is accepted, JukePop Serials pays up to 2 cents per word for up to 3,500 words. After which, an author becomes eligible for the monthly cash awards based on votes.

This is a very innovative way to leverage the technology of today to breath life into an old idea. As readers now have a streamlined method of connecting with the author and providing feedback, it builds upon that bond between the author and the reader. I think JukePop Serials will be a very successful site which I hope to publish on some day.

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