I subscribe to the Writer’s Digest email distro and probably receive upwards of 2 or 3 emails from them a day. Many are events, training, books, etc that you can register for – all aimed to support authors. However, just recently, the Writers Digest Conference peeked my interest and I had to see how much it would cost to attend the Pitch Slam!

It’s in Los Angeles, so it’s within an easy driving distance, scheduled to occur on September 27-29, 2013 and they advertised having a special package for those that can only make it for one day, instead of the whole weekend. Great! So I clicked on their link and I was baffled by the price.

  • All Access: $549 if you register early
  • Saturday only: $349 if you register early
  • Students: unadvertised special discount price

This event is being advertised as a rare opportunity to pitch your book to some notable literary agents and editors, but for those that have not attended these before – it raises some concerns.

  1. Will my pitch be given in private to the agents/editors? Or will all in attendance be watching?
  2. What if I am worried about my idea being stolen? I’ve seen some really shady ‘Terms of Agreements’ that an author has to agree to before submitting to certain literary agencies that basically say that they can steal your idea. No joke.
  3. What if I’ve never done a Pitch Slam before and consequently end up failing because I wasn’t prepared? Then it would have been a waste of money.
  4. The one day deal says I get to attend one pitch slam session. Does that mean 1 agent? Does that agent represent my genre?

While I would like to go to this sort of event and get the experience (plus keep my fingers crossed!), I feel like the price is a huge barrier of entry. I can’t justify spending that much money just on hopes alone. The only other benefit is that there will be workshop/lecture sessions that I will get to attend, but since their itinerary isn’t established yet, I won’t know if those will be applicable or of interest to me.

If anyone has attended a Pitch Slam or workshop/lecture sessions, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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