This post is meant to serve as a simple tool box for writers. It’s an assortment of various writing tips, tables, and wheels. Use it as a place for future reference or to keep in your back pocket.

1) Below is a useful chart to clarify the confusion between the often misused words: Lay vs. Lie. There are many other similar instances to this, such as Who vs. Whom.

2) To the right is a word wheel that allows you to explore a range of emotions that stem from a core of six. This could be useful when trying to get inside your character’s head, or to possibly help burst through writer’s block when describing a scene. How often do you have the Thesaurus open when you write?

3) As a common rule of thumb, it is recognized across the writing community that adverbs are frowned upon. The word “very”, is especially so. Below is a table of ways to avoid using the word “very”.

4) Check out the Period Table of Storytelling chart found here.  Each box represents a story element and can be combined to make a story molecule. Some of the Trope Names for the elements are obvious in their meaning, but others require an explanation (such as “Woobie” and “Squick”). Take a break and try to analyze your story, it may help you when it comes time to write your synopsis. What is your simple story molecule?

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