Myths Inscribes, fantasy ezine, The Ravenous Flock, short storyMyths Inscribed is the fantasy ezine that is run by the great people at It is also the place that published The Ravenous Flock (my first publication!). Putting my favoritism aside, this is still a great source of highly entertaining fantasy short stories. The quality and strength of the content that they publish shows the height of their standards and the talent of their authors, especially for being a relatively young ezine. But what’s more impressive is the renovation that Myths Inscribed just went through.

In addition to a sleek new user interface, Myths Inscribed is offering features that are virtually unheard of across the industry. Things such as downloadable files of their ezine, fantasy artwork, and a new section where authors/artists can share their fantasy world. Myths Inscribed is really setting the bar for fantasy magazines and is still able to provide its content to you for free. Amazing.

I’m proud to have been an author published by Myths Inscribed.

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