As an avid reader of fantasy and a burgeoning author into the genre, I understand how important the world building is to the reader. Readers engage with the fantasy genre because of the wondrous worlds, characters, myth, creatures, and magic that these stories allow us to experience. So if you are looking for a new book to get lost in, I’d be honored to introduce you to the world of Thornwall in my upcoming epic fantasy novel, The Soul Smith, the first installment of The Blacksmiths series.

The Soul Smith Front CoverIt begins during the Time of the True Gods when civilized man became their crowning achievement. The Gods watched as man built roads, castles, walls, swords and shields and the Gods grew ever curious as to what man could build if given their power. So the Gods summoned forth the 8 best blacksmiths in the land and gave them each a forging hammer imbued with their power (and granting its wielder unnatural long life). But to their dismay, man did not use the power as the Gods had expected, so the Gods abandoned them. In their absence, the blacksmiths took reign as the new pantheon of demi-gods, demonstrating their godly power and imposing their will.

Now, over thousands of years, the world of Thornwall has been reshaped to their design. The rain drops are enlarged by the Flood Smith to be the size of apples; the Radiant Smith alters the color of the sun; the Soul Smith forges new creatures from the skeletons of old; the Gaia Smith crafts new scavenger plant life that eat the recently deceased; the Onyx Smith molds mountains and is the lord over shadow; the Sky Smith controls the weather and fuses new storms; the Scorch Smith sparks the desert sands with flame and makes rivers flow red with lava; and the Chromium Smith creates metallic gollums.

The life that populates Thornwall is part original creation of the True Gods, and part creatures forged by the Soul Smith. Entirely new races of creatures have taken hold across the unforgiving realm, developing entirely new societies, culture, and weapons. Some of the races that you’ll encounter such as elkin (men with antlers) as you can see depicted on The Soul Smith cover art, avians (hawks the size of men), torgers (short, bulky men with rhinoceros heads), keratin (sickly men with fingernails as scales covering their body), and much more.

Much of the magic that permeates throughout the world comes from the forgotten language of the True Gods. Speaking the words aloud conjures forth the will of the word’s essence. Very few people in the world can even remember this ancient language, and no more than just a handful of words.

Without giving away all the details, I’d like to invite you to explore my world. You can read my Sample Chapter for free or enjoy my short story The Ravenous Flock that preludes my novel. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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