After a short hiatus with writing in order to complete my Masters degree, I began a search for an independent editor. This search occurred after 3 years of pursuing writing and publishing, where I arrived at a fork in the road. I traveled this long, arduous road, receiving rejection after rejection, with only a few glimmers of hope along the way. Once faced with the split pathways, I knew I had to choose the path where I was in control of my own fate. I immediately decided that I would self-publish my novel, but I knew that the sales and reviews are directly correlated to the quality of the product – I recognized the need for an independent editor.

My first knee jerk reaction was to email Derek Bowen, the editor of my published short story The Ravenous Flock. My previous experience working with him was very positive, and he was already familiar with my work. Additionally, having him as my editor would allow my short story and my novel to have the same voice. When I sent him an email, I waited and waited and my beacon of hope began to dim. I gave a shout out to Twitter and got 3 interested parties, as well as began googling for independent editors. But then on January 2nd, out of the blue, Derek Bowen responded. His enthusiasm for this project echoed my own and we immediately joined forces to bring THE SOUL SMITH to life!

So the hunt was over, and now I’m one step closer to achieving my goal. But now, one last hurdle lay before me: Funding. Please stay tuned as I plan to share my experience with Kickstarter as I attempt to raise the funds needed to bring my novel to fruition.

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