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Come join the excitement and preorder Book One of The Blacksmiths fantasy series today to get the eBook at midnight on 5/19/2015! Only $6.99! It’s available for preorder from any of these fine retailers:

Note: The Soul Smith will also be available for print on 5/19/2015, but isn’t currently available for preorder.

Synopsis: Clan Wyndlyn, a tribe of antler-endowed warriors known as elkin, have united their forces with a neighboring clan. Though Erador Wyndlyn, a promising warrior that takes pride in his heritage, grows suspicious of the other clan’s intentions.

Upon discovery of his father’s murder, Erador is thrust into a position of leadership over the clan. His first order of business is to hunt down the one that killed his father. But to match the might of his foe, Erador must figure out how to unlock the magic contained in his father’s runic armor if he is to achieve vengeance.

How to do a Kickstarter

Professional Appearance is a Big Deal: I thought I had put a great amount of effort into making my Kickstarter look like a quality production (and I did put a lot of time into it), but there are some others out there that clearly put mine to shame. Having skills with graphics tools to generate quality artwork for your Kickstarter is critical (this usually comes in handy when making banners for your section headers).

The Message in Your Video Has to Be Powerful: When I created a video, I just wrote an outline of what I thought I should say and then winged it. I don’t recommend this. Put lots of thought behind exactly what you want to say. Also, I had to find a friend with Final Cut Pro X in order to help edit my video.

Choosing the Minimum Funding Goal is Important: If you don’t reach the minimum within the defined timeframe, then nothing happens. No money changes hands and all you’ve achieved is lost time. I’ve also learned that if you choose Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter, they have a “flex funding” option that lets you keep the money you raised even if you didn’t reach the minimum. Some people will tell you that’s a sure sign of a scam, but I don’t know.

I should have chosen $3,000 as my minimum (instead of $3,500) and I’ll tell you why. My editor is my largest expense at $2,500. Then, you must keep in mind that Kickstarter charges 8-10% (including fees for processing credit cards) which would have been up to $300. That would have left me with only $200 to pay all the printing, shipping, ISBN, and formatting costs – which is nowhere near enough. So I chose $3,500, but as it turns out, that goal was a bit high. Assuming that you are okay with putting in a few bucks of your own, it would have been better to aim low and ensure a funding success, and then hope that you receive pledges above your minimum.

Two things I didn’t know: You can have a Kickstarter employee review your page and give you feedback before you start your campaign. This takes about 2 business days. If you want to do this, be sure to plan in advance because it is best to let your Kickstarter begin on a Monday morning. Secondly, you can make a preview of your Kickstarter and share the link with friends and family to get their feedback. I didn’t know about this feature either, but in a way, I think it was better to just launch my Kickstarter without their involvement.

Reasons my Kickstarter was a Success: Having people with major influence tweet about it. Additionally, here is a list of sites that I used to market my Kickstarter

Additionally, to state the obvious, I think my project was a success because I had been writing for a number of years, which clearly showed my commitment and determination. Also, I had already written the book and had cover art designed. I’ve seen some authors go on Kickstarter without having a completed work. Ensuring that you are far enough along in project where you can’t go any further without financial backing is a good sign that you are ready for launching a Kickstarter campaign.

The Soul Smith is funded! Thank you to everyone!

I can’t give enough thanks to everyone that believed in the project enough to have backed it with a pledge. And to everyone else that showed their support by spreading the word of my Kickstarter, thank you as well. To all of you, I am eternally grateful. This project is going to become a reality because of all of your help and support. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

I’ll post up the Kickstarter process and my lessons learned later. As of right now, I am hard at work editing The Soul Smith, writing a new short story, handling all of the Kickstarter aftermath, and I’m swamped. But, I also couldn’t be happier!


8 Hours To Go in the Kickstarter!

This is the final hurrah! Tell everyone you can to come be a part of this experience before it’s too late!

Additionally, my short story, The Ravenous Flock, has hit a new record and is currently #6 on Amazon in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category! If that’s not an indicator for how awesome The Soul Smith is going to be, then I don’t know what is!


FINAL 24 HOURS! This is the last chance to be a part of this experience and help Kickstart The Soul Smith! Please help spread the word or express your support in the form of a pledge, because today is the final day!

And The Ravenous Flock, which preludes The Soul Smith and was also edited by Derek Bowen, is still FREE for Kindle all day today as well. If you like the short story, then you’ll LOVE The Soul Smith. (Link to The Ravenous Flock can be found on the Kickstarter page on the link above)

68 Hours Remain to Kickstart The Soul Smith!

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Also, be sure to grab your free Kindle copy of my short story, The Ravenous Flock, which preludes the events of my novel. Link is provided on the Kickstarter page!

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The Soul Smith Kickstarter campaign has been featured on BackerClub!!!! This is incredibly exciting news, especially as we near the end of the Kickstarter campaign!

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The Ravenous Flock is a short story that preludes the events of my novel, The Soul Smith. It was edited by Derek Bowen (the same editor I have for The Soul Smith for my Kickstarter campaign) and published on Myths Inscribed online fantasy magazine.

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