eBook Distributor Review

This is a comparison of various ebook distribution services. A lot of these companies provide MORE services than just ebook distribution, but this review will only highlight them based on the maturity and value of their ebook distribution service.

This list is informational only, and will hopefully give self-publishing authors a good starting point to go out and do further research on each service to review the “fine print” and make their own decision.

http://www.bookbaby.com – $149 + ISBN

http://www.lulu.com – 20% of retail sales, but no start up fees. Offers free ISBN in the Lulu Publishing Wizard. However, purchasing your own ISBN makes you the Publisher of your book.

http://www.smashwords.com – 60% of retail sales, but n0 start up fees

http://www.ebookpartnership.com – $99 one time fee and zero commission

http://www.booktrope.com – Requires you to submit your book for consideration.

http://www.bookfuel.com – Service fee model. $99 to distribute ebook to one venue of your choice. $149 for all 5 venues that they cater to (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple iBookstore)

http://www.bookmasters.com – Have to request a free quote, but they distribute to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive, and Apple iBookstore

http://www.ingramspark.com – 40% (45% if you choose not to distribute to Amazon). I personally didn’t like their ebook distribution service (which is specifically what this review is about), but I do love their Print-On-Demand service.

If you think I am missing some that others should know about, please let me know in the comments below.

Marketing as a Self-Published Author

To get attention, one must be loud. To get recommendations, one must be worthy. Being loud enables the potential for impulse purchases. But earning recommendations is worth more than any impulse sale. And so I must wonder, does being loud degrade a reader’s opinion of an author from being worthy?

But the lack of recommendations drives an author toward gimmicks, promotions, and generally just being loud. So how does one rise above? How can a self-published author earn the respect of his readers without surviving the gauntlet of traditional publishing? The answer seems simple: Write a really good book. But then we’re back at the beginning. How is the self-published author supposed to make the masses aware of his/her really good book? This is the vicious swirl that independent authors have to deal with.


If you’re a reader, look above at the photo. Do you like any of it? The internet is a wealth of information – too much so – and websites are now filtering the content to our own individual preferences. This means that we are getting even less exposure to things outside of our “preference-bubble”.

I’ve recently submitted The Soul Smith for consideration to be promoted on Humble Bundle and BookRiot. My goal is to spread awareness, but marketing doesn’t come with a recommendation. Readers do that. We need more readers to give and write book recommendations these days. It’s the only way that a self-published author can come “alive” in this day and age.

What are your thoughts?

My New Short Story ‘Beyond Reach’ is Available Now!

If you couldn’t get enough of The Soul Smith, then you’ll be excited to hear this! Beyond Reach, the first short story of The Apotheosis Saga, is available now for only $0.99!

cover1cBlurb: It was just yesterday that Syrepha Crane stood before a God. But ever since she received the Forging Hammer imbued with Pluonel’s power over nature, her memory begins to fail her. With such raw power in her grasp, she wrestles with her past as she struggles to define her purpose. And in pursuing her purpose, a moment of clarity causes her to abandon her plan and create the Wall of Thorns.

The Soul Smith is available for Preorder!

Come join the excitement and preorder Book One of The Blacksmiths fantasy series today to get the eBook at midnight on 5/19/2015! Only $6.99! It’s available for preorder from any of these fine retailers:

Note: The Soul Smith will also be available for print on 5/19/2015, but isn’t currently available for preorder.

Synopsis: Clan Wyndlyn, a tribe of antler-endowed warriors known as elkin, have united their forces with a neighboring clan. Though Erador Wyndlyn, a promising warrior that takes pride in his heritage, grows suspicious of the other clan’s intentions.

Upon discovery of his father’s murder, Erador is thrust into a position of leadership over the clan. His first order of business is to hunt down the one that killed his father. But to match the might of his foe, Erador must figure out how to unlock the magic contained in his father’s runic armor if he is to achieve vengeance.

8 Hours To Go in the Kickstarter!

This is the final hurrah! Tell everyone you can to come be a part of this experience before it’s too late! http://kck.st/14Az9k1

Additionally, my short story, The Ravenous Flock, has hit a new record and is currently #6 on Amazon in the Science Fiction & Fantasy category! If that’s not an indicator for how awesome The Soul Smith is going to be, then I don’t know what is!

Kickstarter Progress – 50% Funded!

It’s been 3 days since the launch, and the Kickstarter campaign for my epic fantasy novel, The Soul Smith, has already raised half of my goal! It’s such an amazing achievement! However, carrying that momentum is going to be the tough part.

I’ve begun writing numerous press releases and articles across the blogosphere in hopes of reaching a wider audience (and still more to do). With the campaign scheduled to end on February 13th, 2015, I know I’ve got over 3 weeks left, but I feel a constant worry that I’ll somehow fall short. I mean, $3,500 is a *lot* of money to raise. I’m hoping that I can achieve that well before the deadline so I won’t have the added stress of relying upon a last minute surge.

The Soul Smith - Epic Fantasy Novel -- Kicktraq Mini

If I reach my funding goal early, then my editor can begin work early, plus I can begin handling the ISBN and Print-On-Demand setup costs. Additionally, it will give my artists extra time to start work in preparation for the possibility of reaching my first Stretch Goal. I’ve thought about setting up mini funding goals for myself, but other successful Kickstarters show a trend of generating a lot of activity at the beginning of the campaign, and at the end (with minimal activity in between).

So if you haven’t stopped by my Kickstarter yet, please give it a look! And if you like what you see, don’t forget to spread the word! Thank you for your support! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adriandiglio/the-soul-smith-epic-fantasy-novel

Benevolence Archives review–it’s free this weekend!

Free this weekend!

Jedi by Knight


“What if Star Wars had been about Han and Chewie instead of Luke?”

This is the idea behind The Benevolence Archives, a collection of six short stories by Luther M. Siler–I found BA through his blog Infinitefreetime, which is a riot and a half.  I enjoy his blog so much, I figured I’d give his actual writing a shot, and I must say I did not regret it.

This collection is available for Kindle from Amazon, and you can get it for free this weekend!

The BA stories follow a team of spacers for hire: half-ogre Grond, whose murky backstory involves time spent in a brutal gladiator arena, and gnome Brazel, whose wife Rhundi acts as the team’s legit front and sometimes fence.  These two have really fun chemistry; throw in a couple interesting side characters and a snarky ship and you have a really enjoyable cast.

You could…

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