It’s All About The Journey, Part V

Going through my undergrad degree, I didn’t read for entertainment at all. Video games, Magic the Gathering, and D&D filled that void which kept my imagination engaged. However, one major impact that college at Cal Poly Pomona had on me was how it developed my desire to be a business owner. Throughout my time at Cal Poly, my entrepreneurial spirit grew and stayed with me even after graduation. During my professional career, I was always doing some type of side-business, hoping to make the big time. I had been through over 10 different ways to make money independently while maintaining a full time job and I was well into my next business venture when my wife joyously proclaimed that she was pregnant. Immediately, my priorities shifted as I knew I could no longer risk my money in startups. My entrepreneurial spirit would have to acquiesce.

Now as a working professional, a grad school student, a husband, and a father, I was having difficulty finding the time to get my fantasy fix. I say “fix” because I think I may have an addiction, or something close to one (obsession), but our D&D gaming sessions were becoming less and less frequent. However, during one of our gaming meetups, my friends really used peer pressure to get me to read Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I remember purchasing the 4 book set of paperback for $19.99 (cheaper than the ebooks) through Amazon. My friends had all finished reading his books way before HBO announced the series, but with the hype of a new TV show on the horizon, I knew it had to be good. GRRM is what got me reading again. That year, all I wanted for the holidays was fantasy novels. My library grew very quickly, but more importantly, I was reading again. For the record, my current favorite authors at the moment are George R. R. Martin, Gene Wolfe, and Glen Cook.

In addition to reading novels again, news broke that DC (and ultimately Marvel followed suit) that they are rebooting all of their comic books back at #1. I immediately began collecting (and reading) again. Now I have a healthy mix of super hero story lines and medieval fantasy in my reading library.

It was shortly after I began reading Game of Thrones when my friend announced he was writing a book. That announcement immediately influenced and motivated me in a way that no other “business idea” had appealed to me before. Still going through my withdrawals of abandoning the entrepreneurial side of me, I latched onto this idea with the ferocity of a lion on a gazelle. It wasn’t just my entrepreneurial side that was hungry either, it was my fantasy-starved side that also clutched at the idea with enthusiastic delight. I began work on my novel that day. No training. No preparation. I just started with Chapter 1 (which ultimately actually became Chapter 3). I later decided to use a chapter by chapter plan as I employed my story-telling skills to create a vast, magical, and detailed world. The rest is history.

This concludes the journey of what got me here today, what motivated me to write, where I get my influences from, and why I keep writing. Motivation, focus, and determination are what saw me through this project, which has become part hobby, part pleasure, and part business. Now, I will invite you to stay tuned and follow me on my journey toward becoming a published author. I will continue to document and share my experiences with you so that you can see what it takes me to get my hooks into the publishing industry.