Hiring a Media Manager

Picture courtesy of big5concept.com

Sorry for the delay in posts, but I have been putting a lot of time into giving my website a face-lift as of late. It is because of that reason that I have sought the services of a media manager. A lot of authors will tell you that you should do everything you can to focus on writing and being creative (as opposed to spending time blogging, online marketing, social networking, etc). Being in the unpublished/independent phase of my writing career, there is of course, zero money available to actually hire a Media Manager. So how did I accomplish this?

I hired my wife! Some of you may be thinking, “Bad idea.” But we are by no means the first husband and wife team. Fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan focused on completing his series while his wife handled the business aspects, such as querying for agents. Support such as this does not need to be so direct. Spouses that encourage the dreams of their significant others is usually more than enough. When you take it a step further and incorporate them as part of the team, the possibility for conflict arises in an area that didn’t exist before. Being able to manage that by addressing it upfront is important.

So I passed her everything that has been on my To-Do list that I just haven’t had the time to tackle so that she could help manage my online presence and get the word out there. So her job description entails: photographer, videographer, website marketer, website content developer, social media manager, and publicist. Her first ‘assignment’ is research, so that she can see what other people have done to increase their audience. Places like http://www.thecreativepenn.com will be a great informational hub, as well as analyzing content on other famous author websites to see what this website is missing or should strive for.

Before I dive into my full fledged marketing plan that I have been slowly growing over the past year (and will be its own post in the near future), my wife had an idea right off the bat. She pointed out that this blog is only dedicated to sharing my author-experiences and knowledge-gained with other writers like me, and that I needed to grow my target market audience beyond just authors. My web presence must begin to attract all the fantasy readers out there, my potential customers, so that when my book is released, I will make a bigger impact with my announcement.

Per her recommendation, I have started up another blog, dedicated to those that love fantasy, RPGs, games, etc. The blog content is targeted to them, but the website is also intimately tied to the world that I have created and built The Blacksmiths series around. The idea being, capture as many followers as I can and when the time is right, direct the followers from the other blog to this one! In addition, her management of my social media and research allows me more time to write! Whether it be my synopsis, begin writing book 2, or a simple blog post, my creativity will be focused.

(This post has a lot of fluff, but stick around! Once my wife has done her due diligence, I will post my entire marketing campaign – complete with recommendations on how to best implement each item!)